Midsummer Dog Sports Festival 2024

Make your experience better with quality photography

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May I be your photographer?

My name is Tiia, and I am a professional Finnish dog photographer. I have been photographing for years, but about five years ago, I switched from horses to dogs and haven’t regretted it for a single day! However, I’m a bit of a rare case as a dog photographer because I have never owned a dog! Definitely someday, though!

I am honored to offer you easy but amazing photo sessions during the most incredible dog event of the year: Agifest. These sessions will combine all the awesomeness of this event: the Finnish midsummer with its nightless night, the beautiful and green lakeside location, and of course, you, who have chosen to spend the Midsummer with dogs! I couldn’t agree more!

My style as a dog photographer is natural and realistic, yet harmonious. I am an expert at getting good photos of dogs who don’t stay still or ‘never pose for the camera’. The same goes for the owner – I always recommend taking photos together with your dog! These are the memories you will cherish for years to come.

So how does that sound? I am offering a few different options, so scroll a bit further and explore which one would suit you best.

Packages to choose from

Mini sessions

Don’t have time for a long photo session? Don’t worry – I have an easy option for you! 15-minute mini sessions to save the day (and time)! These sessions are available on Saturday – the specific times and locations will be provided once the full event schedule is finalized.

Believe it or not, 15 minutes is more than enough to capture a few lovely photos of you and your dog! The photo above the title was taken during a 10-minute mini session, and look how wonderful it turned out! For these sessions, I scout the locations beforehand, so I usually have a vision in mind already. Then we just add you and your dogs to that vision and voilà – amazing photos are done!

Would you be interested in booking a time slot for a mini session?

Full experience

Does a 15-minute session sound too quick for you? No worries – I am also offering a full experience photo session at a special price. What better way to remember this unique event than with a personalized midsummer photo session?

How does it work? Near the event, I will open bookings for full experience photo sessions, but you can already express your interest by filling out the form via the button below. Be aware – there are a limited number of slots for these sessions! The session itself is 45 minutes long and takes place in the beautiful, scenic nature near the event area. You will receive an online gallery full of memories to choose from.

Would you be interested in booking a time slot for a full experience session?

Examples of my work

My photography style is natural and realistic, yet harmonious. I love the evening sun and evenings altogether! In natural settings, I often use backlighting (with the light source behind the model) to create fairytale-like photos. I don’t do heavy editing, but dogs can be leashed during the session, and the leash will be edited out in the final image.

natural – sunlight –  aesthetic – harmonious – relaxed – sharp – atmospheric – backlighting – sunset – embracing Finnish nature – location visible

More than digital memories?

In addition to digital photos, I offer a wide variety of wall art, photo albums, and smaller photo items. Products are delivered worldwide.

What better way to remember your unique summer than with beautiful, museum-quality wall art to hang on your walls? I can’t think of anything better.

Product pricing starting from

Any questions?